Top 10 SAT prep books

Top 10 SAT prep books BestBooksAZ's mission to to provide best books list to your life and career. We hope that you love this list....

Top 10 SAT prep books

BestBooksAZ's mission to to provide best books list to your life and career. We hope that you love this list. If you have any questions, pls leave your comment below.

1. Kallis’ SAT pattern strategy

This book is one of the best for the teachers and the students as they have reported that they had a great experience regarding this book. The book provides 6 practice questions for any of the content. You can do practice for about 24 hours. The book contains around 101 question topics and has detailed answers with the best explanation. The book cost you around $30 as reported from the user after buying from the

The books contain mimic test questions that are the best officially approved and the questions are generally realistic. The best thing about this book is that it provides a simple and easy solution and step by step solution so that the user cannot get confused. The main thing to focus on the book is that you can understand the mistakes you are doing related to the topic. The book provides a more strategic approach to give the analysis of numerous questions.

2. SAT prep black book

The book is coming with the second edition and is the most effective book as it's cover page describes that” the most effective SAT strategies ever published”. The book is published by Mike Barrett and Patrick Barrett. The book cost you around $20 to $25. The book is best for the user who wants to get the critical tips and wants to understand the topic inside and out. The best example from this book is recognizing the tricky word distractor.

 Moreover, this book is best for those who want to learn the format and the SAT trick. It also helps the students to learn the structures. The best thing that the students find about this book is that this book helps to save some time and helps in gaining practical strategies while answering the questions. The author of the book has customized the book according to the student’s targeted score.
Many of the colleges are failed to develop the strategy of step by step explanation and practice but this book provides a thorough step by step explanation to understand the problem easily. Another interesting about this book is that you can make your own explanation after practicing through this book.

3. McGraw-Hill education SAT

The book costs around $10 to $15. The book provides an informative approach regarding any of the content. The book contains 5 full-length practice tests. This book is a decent choice for the student who wants to get an informative structure for any content. The book is about 750 pages long and provides the best detail for any topic. The best thing about this book is that it provides the best time limit according to the official test so that you can experience what has to be happening on the test day.

The book contains the diagnostic test that is considered to be the best realistic test and includes a thorough explanation of the topic to be answered. The question of the book is like the official test. Especially the math test is the best example. The book consists of math questions that comprise of the real world scenarios.  Usually, the scenarios are selling tickets and temperature.

The book contains the best presentation on the math’s concepts and provides a detailed explanation for almost all the topics. The major math topics covered in the book are linear systems, geometry, complex numbers, expressions, and the basic trig. Mapping is also considered as an important topic for the book which is similar to the prep program of SAT. Improving the calculator Fluency is also offered by the book. This concept is likely to be known as a crucial strategy.

4. Barron’s SAT

Latest and the best edition of the book is 29th. The book costs you about $20 to $25 according to the The book consists of 4 full-length practice exercise.  The book consists of sample questions and it offers ample review content. A diagnostic test is likely to be a major concept in the book that helps the student to get familiarize with the SAT and helps to remove any weakness that blocks the student from moving forward.

It is an effective book for getting the good score due to its dense formatting. The books are famous because it covers most of the major topics that are likely to be part of the SAT test.

5. Dr. Steve Warner’s 500 new SAT math problems

The book costs around $35. Heart of algebra, a passport to advanced math, data analysis and the problem-solving approach is the major focus of the book. It also contains the topic related to geometry and the complex numbers. This book is the most comprehensive book for math related problems. The books allow the student to carefully understand the mistake that they do during the learning and help them to fix these problems.

6. Official SAT study guide

This book is one of the books which deliver the through and the detailed explanation of the problems student may face during their exams. It contains less than 8 practice tests. Especially the detailed answers for the math’s questions.

7. The College Panda’s SAT Math: Advanced Guide and Workbook

This book basically focuses on math related questions. Hundreds of questions are illustrated in this book. It also assures the student that they cannot do the possible mistake which they do if they buy this book for their preparations. The book offers more than 500 practice questions for the students.

8. Kaplan Test Prep SAT Prep Plus – Practice Tests & Strategies

The book offers more than 1400 practice questions with detailed explanation. This book is most insightful for the students. After reading this book, the student will be able to understand the mistake very easily.

9. Reason Solve Create – The Insider’s Guide to the ACT and SAT

More than 700 practice questions are the part of this book and more than 1000 defined term is present in the book. Critical thinking is the main focus of the book.

10. Princeton Review Practice Tests for the SAT

The book contains more than 900 practice questions and provides a better understanding of the fundamental knowledge that is relevant to SAT exams. You can learn to fix your mistakes after reading the book.


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