Top 10 books to learn JavaScript

Top 10 books to learn JavaScript BestBooksAZ's mission to to provide best books list to your life and career. We hope that you love th...

Top 10 books to learn JavaScript

BestBooksAZ's mission to to provide best books list to your life and career. We hope that you love this list. If you have any questions, pls leave your comment below.

1- JavaScript for kids: A playful introduction to programming

JavaScript for kids has been written by Nick Morgan. As the name suggests, the book covers all the introductory and basic concepts about programming. This is the most accurate guide to programming for kids or beginners. Even if you are an adult but have no idea what programming is or how it is done, you should definitely invest in this book. This book tackles some complicated aspects of programming later as well but most of it is very basic and covers the essentials of programming. Programming is a very complicated skill which requires lots of practice. It is good to start slow with baby steps which are provided by this book.

2- Composing software

This book explores the different aspects of object composition and programming using JavaScript. Written by Eric Elliott, this book stresses the importance of composition in JavaScript and how all fields of software design are related to it. The composition is all about taking big challenges and dividing them into smaller tasks which are much easier to resolve and tackle. According to Elliott, most developers are unaware of composition or only know briefly about it, despite the fact that how useful it is. He says it is time to let them know how they can use it in programming. There are many compositional techniques which can be taught.

Elliott has discussed both aspects of composition which are object and function. He has explored their implications in JavaScript. The book helps readers develop the skill of breaking down complex issues into smaller ones so they become easier to overcome. It keeps morale high as well.

3- Eloquent JavaScript: A modern introduction to programming

Marijn Haverbeke has written this book so beautifully. Eloquent JavaScript is a book that has been masterfully written and edited. The book goes through all the aspects of JavaScript and programming and also takes the readers on a journey towards improving their programming skills. There is a complete guide of all concepts that are essential to programming. The book has been written in clear and concise language with minimal use of jargons. It is focused more on improving the readers’ skills rather than just teaching them the concepts. This is why it has various exercises which they can do to see where they stand and where they need improvement. This style of editing makes it the perfect book to teach someone programming as well.

4- JavaScript: The good parts

Douglas Crockford wrote this book at a time when JavaScript was very young and considered a joke by the programmers of the time. Most programs at the time used coding or languages such as C+ or C++ and made fun of JavaScript. JavaScript was very little at the time and none of the serious developers used it.

In those days, everyone made fun of JavaScript. It was unheard of to see a browser running an application. They used to be slow with no storage space either. JavaScript was only used to run basic software that nobody even knew about.

It was at that time that Douglas realized the potential of JavaScript and the amazing things it was capable of, which is why he decided to write this book. His aim was to create awareness of and acceptance towards JavaScript.

It is now almost 15 years later that people have started to realize the potential and the uses of JavaScript. At the time, it was a fresh and new look towards the positive side of JavaScript which nobody actually realized at the time.

5- Programming JavaScript applications: Robust web architecture with node, HTML5 and modern JS libraries

Just like composing software on number two, this book was composed by Eric Elliott as well. He realized that most of the JavaScript developers he was hiring for app development were unaware of how to use JavaScript for building robust web or app architecture. That is why he decided to write this book that would guide beginners as well as existing developers to compose objects, see prototypes and get enough know-how and technical knowledge to be able to build a robust application using JavaScript and maintain it as well. He also wanted to apply these techniques and concepts to address the major concerns and issues that app developers face while using JavaScript.
According to Eric, he wanted to teach people how to build applications through JavaScript that would last, rather than just teaching them the basic functions and uses of JavaScript.

That is exactly what this book does and it is one of the best reads out there to get an understanding of how JavaScript works and how it can be used to build applications. You will read about concepts like nodes, logging, authentication and many others in this book.

6- Effective JavaScript: 68 specific ways to harness the power of JavaScript

If you have gone through the above-mentioned books and have gotten a basic understanding of the different concepts of JavaScript and how they work, you can read this book written by David Herman to gain further insight into the uses and aspects of JavaScript. It is a great book that goes really in depth about the various complex applications of JavaScript. For developers who are looking to become more professional or simply learn more, this is the right book to get. The book consists of many different examples and lessons that can further polish the skills of app developers.

The book teaches about various quirks and features including various oddities such as semicolon or coercion. It also introduces readers to the floating number which is the only type of numbering used in JavaScript. This book is so detailed and extensive that no matter what skill level you are at, there will be something new to learn. It will teach you many things even if you are a professional.

7- JavaScript: The definitive guide

In this book, the writer David Flanagan explores the uses of web platform API along with JavaScript from a new look. His perspective is of someone who is looking to develop full-fledged applications using JavaScript. The book consists of countless features of JavaScript that you may or may not know about and thoroughly takes you through the different language quirks. It also gives warning regarding the previous versions of explorer. David has released six different editions of this book and each edition has provided readers with something new to learn. It is a great tool if you are eager to learn about JavaScript and developing apps through it.

8- You don’t know JS

You don’t know JS has been written by Kyle Simpson who has made it very clear from the title that the book is all about JavaScript and things people do not know about it. This book has been written in series and all of them are very informative. They vary in size but they are all worth reading.
It becomes obvious when you read the books that Kyle Simpson is obsessed with javascript and has been determined to explore every little inside and out feature of JavaScript. The books have been written in such detail with every little feature explained so beautifully that everyone who reads this book learns something new about JavaScript. It does not matter how much you know about JavaScript, You don’t know JS will teach you something new for sure.

Some of the above-mentioned books are quite detailed but none of them come even close to the depth this book goes in. It is an A to Z guide about JavaScript that leaves nothing unattended.
The book does lack when it comes to architecture or software design principles but the depths it goes into to explore JavaScript are truly admirable.

9- JavaScript Allonge: The six edition

Written by Reginald Braithwaite, JavaScript Allonge is a book about building applications from smaller individual units. The book is not too complicated or opinionated. It instead focuses on the thinking aspect of software development. Even the intro of the book states that it is a book about thinking rather than one that is about practices.

That theme goes throughout the book and it goes in depth about JavaScript in an approach that nobody else has used before. Keep in mind that you should not think of this as an introductory book or a beginner’s guide towards JavaScript. The book only works if you are well aware of the different features and functions of JavaScript. It makes you think deeply about the various functions of the language and it combines all the various programming techniques that can be used to develop apps.

10- Node.Js in action

Node.Js in action is an introductory guide towards the node app development and provides knowledge about hypertext protocols, messaging using Socket.IO and how to use various databases. Written by Mike Cantelon, this book is the complete package to introduce you to the world of Node.


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