Top 10 books to learn digital marketing

Top 10 books to learn digital marketing BestBooksAZ's mission to to provide best books list to your life and career. We hope that you ...

Top 10 books to learn digital marketing

BestBooksAZ's mission to to provide best books list to your life and career. We hope that you love this list. If you have any questions, pls leave your comment below.

1- Digital Marketing: Strategy, implementation & practice

There are many books on digital marketing which share different real-life scenarios and instances, marketing related case studies and business interviews which allow the readers to get a better understanding of how the marketing world operates.

This book on digital marketing was given to us by writers Dave Chaffey and Fiona Chadwick. It provides all the basics one needs to know about the World of digital marketing. It also includes the latest trend in the field so the readers can stay up to date with new practices.

Unlike many books that simply rely on theory, this one has business examples that allow business owners and entrepreneurs to apply the theories of digital marketing into their businesses, so they can meet their goals and grow.

2- Digital marketing for dummies

Written by Russ Henneberry and Ryan Deiss, this book is our favorite. As the name suggests, this book is the most simplified yet complete guide into the world of digital marketing. With a rating of 4.6 on Amazon, it shows how good it is. This book is extremely practical. The many practical aspects it shares and the details it goes into place it at the top of our list.

It is not a very extensive book but is exactly the right length to keep readers engaged while informing them about all the tools and tactics needed for digital marketing. It includes details about Search engine optimization, social media marketing, blogging, email marketing and even a guide on how to use analytics data in your favor.

The book also puts focus on landing pages and their importance. The book puts emphasizes on the importance of changing the layout and page every so often as well to keep users engaged. There are also more than 50 categories of blogs mentioned on the site that you can choose from depending on your knowledge and hobbies.

3- All marketers are liars

In this book of his, Godin has put a lot of emphasis on keeping your marketing campaign genuine and true. He says that facts and truth are important to keep a marketing campaign alive. If the lies get caught, the hype of the product or service goes away and so do the sales. To prevent this failure of the marketing team, he says in his book that you should promote the product in the form of a story that is highly relatable to your target audience. That way, it would be better understood and accepted. Story-telling in a creative way is extremely vital for sales, but you should not lie or make things up while doing so.

4- Youtility: Why smart marketing is about help, not hype

Youtility is one of the most successful digital marketing books and has been the best seller in NY times as well. Written by Jay Baer who is a professional writer, speaker, and a business strategist, this book puts focus towards helping your clients to promote their products in a genuine way rather than lying about it to create hype. Jay has given many instances of businesses and companies that stayed honest in their marketing campaigns and became highly successful by gaining the trust of their customers.

He says that the sure-fire way of increasing customer loyalty is to help them by solving their problems and staying true to them. Instead of creating false hype, helping your customers makes them trust the brand more which in the long-term is much more profitable.

5- The big data-driven business

Russell Glass wrote this amazing book along with Sean Callahan. Russell, who heads the LinkedIn marketing solutions’ product divisions, is also the CEO of a marketing platform known as Bizo. Russell’s book is all about the importance of big data in the age of digital marketing. Big data is the most effective tool in gaining accurate and real-time insights on potential and target customers. By knowing this information, it is much easier to position and design campaigns for individual segments. His book cites many examples of using big data in your favor that can help readers get ahead of competitors in their businesses. According to the book, using big data to gain insights and market your products will be a huge trend in the coming times.

6- Google Adwords for beginners

Pay Per Click advertising is a great tool to market your products or business through others’ platforms. The book is only 59 pages long but it provides all the basic knowledge needed to start using Adwords for promoting your business. At a mere $10, it is a very good value for money. If you go through this book properly, you may not know everything about PPC marketing but you will be able to start promoting your products through Adwords to a great extent.

The book guides readers and takes them through the World of PPC advertising by following 8 steps which are about structuring your campaign, the importance of location, budget you should have, extensions, how to write, how to match keywords to your ad, how to conduct proper research and finally how to optimize content for promotion through Adwords.

7- Email Persuasion

Written by Ian Brodie, this book is a complete guide on how to engage your audience and promote your business through email marketing. Although it is considered intrusive by some, email marketing is one of the best ways to increase sales. There are only a limited number of books that go in depth about the aspects and implications of email marketing and this is one of the best. It covers many different strategies of email marketing such as using customer insights to determine the needs of your customers and identifying the tactics that would help motivate them to make a purchase. The book also lists six ways that will surely make your audiences open and read your emails instead of deleting them or reporting them as spam.

The option formula has also been discussed that can help you filter out the right customers and how to target them to subscribe to your emails. Other than that, the book has also mentioned ways of converting potential or existing customers into loyal ones who will only buy from you. There are also mentions of advanced tactics that can turn subscribers into actual paying customers.
All in all, this book intends to find ways that can help take recipients of your emails to the level where they become loyal to your brand and only buy from you.

8- Social media marketing All-in-one for dummies

With a 4.2 Amazon rating, this informative book was written by Jan Zimmerman & Deborah. This book puts focus on one of the newest ways of marketing which are social media marketing. Social media marketing is the highest degree of interactive marketing which encompasses both paid and organic advertisements and ways of promotion. Social media marketing revolves around engaging with customers and user-generated content which needs to be driven in your favor. To be successful in the present & coming times, companies need to start acknowledging the importance of social media and incorporate it into their marketing plans.

This book covers all the major social media platforms that can be used for marketing such as Facebook, twitter, snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram. LinkedIn and Google+ are also part of the mix along with apps such as Spotify and Vimeo. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most effective ways of engaging with the audience out of all the platforms that have been mentioned. The book has also set aside a portion at the end related to analytics and how to use those insights in your favor.

9- Global Content Marketing

Global content marketing has been authored by Pam Didner who has tried to create an understanding and awareness of the impact of creative strategies that have global effects. If you want your brand to be known worldwide and you want to engage with customers and audiences around the globe, this book is a good choice for you. The book guides about creating marketing strategies that can influence a wider audience. In the coming times, Global content marketing would be a huge edge for companies incorporating it. Therefore, you should learn how to use it to stay ahead now.  It would be the perfect tactic for people looking to expand their businesses internationally.

10- Content Inc.

Written by Joe Pulizzi, this book is all about how business owners make use of content to increase success and build massive audiences and loyal customers. Joe is the founder of content marketing institute and he has mentioned six steps that act as a foundation for a successful business. He says that nothing is unsellable if you have the perfect content marketing strategy in place. Other than the six steps, he also guides on ways of formulating such strategies. This book is the answer if you want to engage wide audiences and learn the art of converting them into loyal customers.


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