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Personal development What is personal development? To describe the word personal development we have to understand the physiological ...

Personal development

What is personal development?

To describe the word personal development we have to understand the physiological condition of a person that what are the circumstances that are that pursue personal development.

By personal development we simply mean the process for life long or the way for the human to know about their personal skills. What are the best they get in themselves? What are their ambitions and aims for life? Personal development we can get to know about our potentials and can set our goals for the future.

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1. Recording personal Development

 The first approach is important to describe some learning and development to pursue your success in the future. It is simply reflecting the success rate. This approach is important for personal development as always motivate to learn the best things or the best skills in your life.

2. Developing personal development

The next step is to clear the objective you want in your life and then to start the plans to achieve them or planning processes to be more realistic. This approach helps to achieve the objectives.

3. Personal vision developing

The third approach helps to motivate and learn from the past to improve the steps to achieve the desired goals. This approach simply defines understandings that in future what you can achieve with your capabilities.

Many authors have described the word personal development in their books which influenced many of the readers. Here are some of the lists of writers along with their books which are considered to be the best to describe the word personal development.

4. My own words

The first book is written by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is an American Lawyer and the jurist. He is also the associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. In his book, she has described 300 pages on the knowledge that ensures many of the topics related to personal development. With the help of her books, she had defined the role of the women who are working for their betterment and are pursuing themselves to be more successful. She has described many of the historical moments related to women exploration. By reading her books many of the readers are inspired by her work in the field of women personal development. She is noted to be the best example of of women leader as she has the best leadership quality.

5.  Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind

This book is the best example of winning the battle in your mind. The book is written by Joyce Meyer. The writer has simply described the anxiety, confusion, and self-doubt that have overwhelmed every person over another. The writer only wants to influence people to avoid negative thinking about others and make positive thinking about others. This book is the best for the people who want to spread peace among each other. The book also helps people to find a solution to avoid negative thinking about others. The writer has written the book according to her personal life events.

6. Lean In: Work, Women and the Will to Lead

The book simply describes the abilities of women to believe in her and find the abilities that can lead to her success. The book is a writer by Sheryl Sandberg. The writer wants to describe the path that has to be explored for achieving the best leadership positions for the women. The writer has done brilliant work to describe the women empowerment. The writer has specified the path according to her research and her career knowledge and provided the detail about the path that leads towards success.

7. Think and grow rich

The book is written by Napoleon Hill. She had provided information about the experience of about 500 of the wealthy men. These men have done outstanding work to become rich from poor. She has also described that they had made several changes to achieve their objectives.

8. Designing your life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

The book is written by Bill Burnett who is a lecturer in the stand for University. The writer has provided several solutions for several problems. The book simply motivates the readers to identify their skills by designing and by their imaginations.


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