Top 8 books to learn data science

Top 8 books to learn data science BestBooksAZ's mission to to provide best books list to your life and career. We hope that you love t...

Top 8 books to learn data science

BestBooksAZ's mission to to provide best books list to your life and career. We hope that you love this list. If you have any questions, pls leave your comment below.

1. The Data Science Handbook: Advice and Insights from 25 Amazing Data Scientists by Carl Shan, William Chen, Henry Wang, and Max Song

Rated: 3.7*/5 by 18 customers.

One of the ways of getting top quality information in today’s world is to meet top experts from various industries in the world. The Data Science Handbook conducted various interviews with 25 industry’s top professionals. The professionals consist of former United States Chief Data Personnel to several team leaders at notable companies, rising data scientist writing their own programs, etc.
The essence of the interview is to take a review of the industry and guide the newbies coming into the industry, it will offer tips on career development, data life advice, and open your eyes to various strategies one can follow to be a success in the world of data science.

The book does not go into the technical areas of data science, rather it offers practical insight and recommendation.

2. Doing Data Science: Straight Talk from the Frontline by Cathy O'Neil and Rachel Schutt

Rated: 3.8*/5 by 61 customers.

“Doing Data Science” By Cathy O’Neil and Rachel Schutt is an Introduction to Data Science class (Columbia University) that is directed towards newbies who have a genuine interest in the topic. Data science professional Cathy O’Neil in collaboration with course instructor Rachel Schutt have decided to bring data science course to the public domain.

These professionals offer well-informed lectures on data science and also share important code and case studies, diving into meaningful examples. It covers algorithms, models, methods, and data visualization, which acts as a real-world technical resource.

3. Numsense! Data Science for the Layman: No Math Added by Annalyn Ng and Kenneth Soo

Rated: 4.7*/5 by 87 customers.

There is a lot of math in Data science, which in turn makes it overwhelming and inaccessible. “Numsense” reveals Data science has a lot to do with math, which can make data science seem inaccessible and daunting. “Numsense” promises to provide an easy way to approach data science and algorithms so that the newbies understand it easily and don’t get intimidated.

Each chapter focuses on a particular beneficial algorithm that comes with an analysis of how it works and various real-world test cases to see it in use. The process makes use of visuals which makes learning fun, interesting and engaging. Reference sheets are used to detail the merits and demerits of each algorithm and to complete the book, you’ll find a glossary of commonly used data science terms.

4. The Art of Data Science by Roger D. Peng and Elizabeth Matsui

Rated: 4.6*/5 on Amazon.

“The Art of Data Science” talks about exploring and searching for discoveries through the data at your fingertips. It concentrates more on the process of examining data and analyzing them to get the core stories. The authors have made it very easy by using their experiences to teach both the newbies and managers through scrutinizing data science.

Both authors possess the experience in handling data projects, likewise managing analysts within a specialized setting. They talk about their experiences on what will consistently produce fruitful results and what hazards can make a data project fail.

5. Data Science For Dummies by Lillian Pierson

Rated: 4.1*/5 by 64 customers.

One thing The “Dummies” series has achieved is that it has taught concepts in simple to understand terms, and “Data Science For Dummies” strives to do the same. It concentrates more on the commercial aspect of data science and functions as an introductory guide for those who want to enter the field as experts. It serves as a resource for learners, and it gives a broad imprint of the discipline to get readers acquainted with the models of big data and how data science is pertinent in our lives.
The book also takes a look at topics such as machine learning, data engineering, algorithms, programming languages like Python and R, data visualization methods and artificial intelligence. If you’re curious about data science, or just want your folks to understand the subject matter, this is a good place to start.

6. Big Data For Dummies by Judith Hurwitz, Alan Nugent, Fern Halper, and Marcia Kaufman

Rated: 3.5*/5 by 48 customers.

Still on the topic, data science for “dummies,” This book covers the fundamental question—“What is big data?” and why it’s vital. It explains the idea from both business and technical viewpoints. It reveals how big data is used within business intelligence and the several ways it can assist analysts in discovering and solving problems.

The book also delivers technical advice on areas like the best ways to support and organize the data you’ve collected and how to become accustomed to the methods and tools used in analyzing data. “Big Data for Dummies” offers to help understand what your data stands for, what you should do with it, and the best way to apply it within a business setting.

7. Data Jujitsu: The Art of Turning Data into Product by DJ Patil

Rated: 4.0*/5 by 28 customers

If you’re a newbie who needs a few advice about data science, DJ Patil should be your best bet. He is the former Chief Data Scientist of the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy. He is known for creating the term “data science” and within “Data Jujitsu,” Patil presents data science as a way of solving problems.

He highlights various issues found within data-motivated industries and clarifies that there’s a variance between problems that’s difficult to solve and problems that’s impossible to solve. Complex issues can be solved once you break them down into easy parts and examine them via data examination. “Data Jujitsu” covers a variety of examples and recommendations on how to harness the power of data.

8. Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier

Rated: 4.2*/5 by 418 customers.

Big data is here to stay. It stays within the news cycle. Data-first corporations rise in power, there is a breach of data, leaks of individual and banking information can occur, policy debates rage, and guidelines concerning data privacy become the law of the land. This book talks about the effect data has on all facets of our lives, from personal to business, to individual and government scientific disciplines.

Cukier and Mayer-Schönberger throw more light on how algorithms can expose things about ourselves that we didn’t think anybody knew just by studying our habits online. Online retailers can endorse products or predict their buying patterns based on browsing behaviors.  Even dating applications use data to shape the love lives of their users. As we take various steps to control what most databases know about us, we should also make sure that our data is in the right hands. This book talks about the great, scary, and downright remarkable ways our own data can move and shape us.


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