Top 6 books to learn German

Top 6 books to learn German BestBooksAZ's mission to to provide best books list to your life and career. We hope that you love this li...

Top 6 books to learn German

BestBooksAZ's mission to to provide best books list to your life and career. We hope that you love this list. If you have any questions, pls leave your comment below.

1. “The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, Write and Understand Basic German in No Time” by Ed Swick

“The Everything Learning German Book” is for German learners who want to fluently ask about the Oktoberfest beer selection. Learn easy expressions like Wie viel kostet der Käse? Which simply means, how much does the cheese cost? Or Ich möchte ein Berliner, bitte which means, I want a Berliner, please.
There is a CD that comes with the book for improving your listening and pronunciation skills to how the native speakers use it. The exercises are easy to understand, from the basic verb conversations to the introductions.
The guide isn’t for advanced users, It’s for the newbies, it explains the similarities between German and English to make your learning stress-free.

2. “Living German” by Ed Swick

Living German will help you immerse yourself within the culture, events and people. That’s
The book concentrates more on harnessing the current German within you. It’s for communicating with people in German and to stop you from struggling via conversations.

With this book, you’ll never go through the horrifying experience of fighting to say the right words in a conversation. The book makes use of the traditional method with grammatical fundamentals, practical vocabulary and translation skills. The exercise key allows you to check your answers, while the CD helps to alternate between listening and talking.

The key benefit is that the book provides real-world illustrations and dialogues that drop you into realistic German situations.

3. “German Made Simple: Learn to Speak and Understand German Quickly and Easily” by Eugene Jackson and Adolph Geiger

This is an ideal book if you see yourself as a self-learner. It presents the basics to you, but the objective is to pick up the common phrases fast.

The popular book comprises numerous reading exercises which help with your own translation muscles, and the intonation guide offers ample guidance on how to say the words properly.

There are sufficient review exercises that can help to test your knowledge. Don’t forget to look at the answers in the back once you’re done!

4. “Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage” (Fifth Edition) by Professor Martin Durrell

This book is for advanced German learners. It takes a deep look into German grammar to challenge the intermediate and advanced students. The grammar illustrations are taken from modern German, so your speaking will relate to the way it is spoken today.

If you wish to learn how to write in German, this guide is ready to assist you. It covers spelling reformation and current spellings that have advanced over time. The book upholds a clear arrangement with clear descriptions for you to visualize items and situations in your mind. It explains common usage forms in a very simple way so you can know when to use certain words in the formal and informal forms.

A key component is the grammar reference area which allows you to examine yourself and see if you are using words correctly.

5. “Living Language German”

If you are looking for a comprehensive German language learning textbook, “Living Language German is your best bet because it provides an easy to consume guide for all parties interested. From the newbies to the advanced German speakers. It’s one of the comprehensive alternatives, where you can start as a novice and end up as a fluent speaker.

“Living Language German” is bundled with an online training course, three books and nine audio CDs, so you’ve got the chance to learn through all available mediums.

The education and reading materials are founded on proven techniques, linguistic science, and over 65 years of experience. Not excluding the fact that the publisher uses the trademarked Living Language Method, which comprises four stages: Progress with Confidence, Building a Foundation, Retaining what you have learned and Achieving Your Goals.

6. “Learn German with Stories: Café in Berlin” by André Klein

It can be boring to read a bunch of language guides, so why not read a few German short stories instead? The "Learn German with Stories: Cafe in Berlin" book was written for newbies, and it comprises 10 short stories to raise the engagement level and keep people interested.

The easiest way to learn German is to follow intriguing characters, like the young man who just moved to from Sicily to Berlin. The man meets romance, odd living situations and lots more. The book offers controversies and intriguing plot lines, making the reader wonder how he'll get a grip on the language and figure out the best way to live happily in a new country without his friends, family and familiar environments.

There is a nicely structured table of contents to help you skip to various stories, and the outline explains how you are to learn through the stories, how to make use of the dictionary within the book and how the writer came up with the stories.


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